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What to wear to a wedding?

Every woman has been through the following situation: she was invited to a wedding but doesn't know what to wear.

One of the ways to choose what to wear is searching about the place where the ceremony will take place and see what outfits were used during previous events. Also, we can ask to other women who were invited to the same wedding what they will dress.

Usually the wedding dress code is the formal attire and the choices can be a refined cocktail dress, a floor-length gown or even a fancy jumpsuit. This dress code accept to wear a dress that shows the ankles (which is not possible when the dress code is black-tie).

Some hints to choose your formal dress are: 

→ Have the color you want to wear in mind so the process of shopping your dance dresses will be so much easier and quicker.

→ So important as to choose the color of your dress is to choose its style. Do you prefer tight or loose dresses? What kind of fabrics you prefer (laces, crepe, sheer tulle,glossy satin, velvet, chiffon, taffeta...)? And about the length? Knowing these previous things is help you a lot during your search of the perfect dress.

→ Considering your body type will help you too because every woman has a different body shape and according to this are models to be avoided.

→ Don't forget tho look for inspirations using the web or in fashion magazines. Knowing the trends in advance will be you to choose a stylish outfit.

Besides the dress, remember you also need to choose accessories and shoes in order to  help your look be more complete.

Maybe you will need to buy a rehearsal dinner dress too and the above hits are also applicable.

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