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How to choose men's suit

 How to choose men's suit

Today the post is especially to the men after all the blog has a lot of male's readers. So I will help you to choose a men's suit.

Some hints you can follow to find the best men's suit to you:

1- Define the style/cut

Do you prefer American, Italian or English style?

2- Choose a color

Dark colors are recommended, as navy blue or charcoal gray. Black suits are better for formal events. But you can try other color and even plaid or check suit.

3- Determine the fabric.

There are fabrics that breathe better than other ones, as linen, cotton, silk and wool.

4- Choose the appropriated lapel

Notch lapel is the safest choice, the peak lapel is classic and the shawl lapel is the most formal so your choice depends of the occasion.

5- About the suit jacket... can get it with a single or double vent. Men's suit with no vent are outdated.

If you don't know, vents are the slits in the back of the jacket.

6- Don't forget the dress shirt

A white shirt is classic and the best choice and prefer a turn-down collar in a medium spread or a point that is easier to use with most necktie knots.

7- Since we just talked about the necktie...

... red, dark green and dark blue are the best colors to choose as well as small repeating patterns. The bow ties are the most formal ties and depending of the occasion you don't need to use a tie with your men's suit.

8- Buy your men's suit at Risias

Risias is an online store specialized in formal wear that prides itself on a meticulously curated collection that celebrates the individual grace and poise of every wearer.

Risias is dedicated to providing a personalized experience with limitless customization options 

My men's suit choices at Risias:


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